skops Changelog



  • Adds the abillity to set the Section.folded property when using Card.add(). #361 by Thomas Lazarus.

  • Add the CLI command to update Skops files to the latest Skops persistence format. (cli._update.main()). #333 by Edoardo Abati

  • Fix a bug that prevented persisting np.mean when using numpy>=1.25.0. #373 by Adrin Jalali.




  • Add CLI entrypoint support (cli.entrypoint.main_cli()) and a command line function to convert Pickle files to Skops files (cli._convert.main()). #249 by Erin Aho

  • Support more array-like data types for tabular data and list-like data types for text data. #179 by Francesco Cariaggi.

  • Add an option use_intelex to skops.hub_utils.init() which, when enabled, will result in the Hugging Face inference API running with Intel’s scikit-learn intelex library, which can accelerate inference times. #267 by Benjamin Bossan.

  • Model cards that have been written into a markdown file can now be parsed back into a skops.card.Card object and edited further by using the skops.card.parse_modelcard() function. #257 by Benjamin Bossan.


  • io.dump() and io.load() now work with file like objects, which means you can use them with the with open(...) as f: dump(obj, f) pattern, like you’d do with pickle. #234 by Benjamin Bossan.

  • All scikit-learn estimators are trusted by default. #237 by Edoardo Abati.

  • Add model_format argument to skops.hub_utils.init() to be stored in config.json so that we know how to load a model from the repository. #242 by Merve Noyan.

  • Persistence now supports bytes and bytearrays, added tests to verify that LightGBM, XGBoost, and CatBoost work now. #244 by Benjamin Bossan.

  • card.Card now allows to add content to existing sections, using a / to separate the subsections. E.g. use card.add(**{"Existing section/New section": "content"}) to add “content” a new subsection called “New section” to an existing section called “Existing section”. #203 by Benjamin Bossan.




This is the first release of the library. It include two main modules:


Adrin Jalali, Merve Noyan, Benjamin Bossan, Ayyuce Demirbas, Prajjwal Mishra, Francesco Cariaggi, Erin Aho, Thomas Lazarus